Editing Assistance

  • Proofing/editing to varying degrees of depth from cursory to comprehensive:
    • Mechanics — spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.
    • Content — time period accurate, believable, etc.
    • Consistency — verb tense, point of view, character traits, etc.
  • Syntax assistance for native Spanish-speakers who are writing in English

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“Rick’s input has been invaluable, not only in finding errors but also in providing insight into the work as seen by the reader. On a number of occasions, I have completely changed a piece because as Rick pointed out, what the reader saw was something entirely different from what I was trying to convey. Over the years, the exchange of thoughts and ideas related to specific pieces has improved my work immeasureably.

“As writers, we are, many times too close to our work to be truly objective, and the insights and observations from an objective editor may very well mean the difference in whether a work is ever read or it winds up in the stack of papers that no one will ever see. I am grateful that Rick is there to provide this service.”

— Korton (Frank Shirley)



All submissions, whether accepted or not, are completely confidential
and remain the property of the respective owner(s).