eBook Readers

Most people are familiar with the two most popular ebook readers on the market: Kindle and Nook. There are also several others made by companies such as BeBook, Sony, and Kobo, in addition to numerous free reader applications for desktops, tablets, and smart phones. Wikipedia has a comprehensive article comparing the numerous models and their features. While most eBook readers will accept .pdf and .epub formats, Kindle, however, will only accept their own version of the .mobi format. Also, some readers and reader programs will not import a local eBook file into its library.

eBook Files

While the most popular ePub and mobi formats are very similar, they are definitely not interchangable. Building either or both of these files from scratch and by hand is time consuming and beyond the layperson's typical abilities. There are numerous tools that can convert your manuscript, some free, some for a fee, but nothing beats the clean code of a well-orderd style sheet and a hand-coded eBook archive file.

eBook Programming & Design

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