Design & Formatting Assistance

When self-publishing, there are many options to be had, and many places to have them. We can help you avoid the headache of having your documents turn out less than perfect.

There's more to a book than just the words within. It must also look appealing and be legible. There are two main components to this: font selection and presentation layout.


The font is the basis for communicating your work to your reader so it must be one that is not only appealing but easy to read. We recommend keeping decorative (and difficult to read) fonts for special and limited uses like headers or titles.



The layout is equally important in print and digital versions. While popular readers such as Nook and Kindle minimize the need for specific layouts that some print version require (i.e. children's picture books), there are certain ways to make them still work in the reader format.

Assistance Offered:

  • Style Sheet setup
  • Print layout & design
  • Digital book prep for epub & mobi
  • Assistance selecting 3rd party services, as needed


Rates will vary based on the project stage and the extent of work required

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