The Second Age of Man

The Discovery

"Your future is set and we are connected to you until your task is complete. But first your children and I have to center for a few more degrees, once this is accomplished, the Earth will be released from its frozen state and life will evolve as nature wishes, and, under your protection." Job paused as he saw the confusion in Atlas' face. After Atlas had had a moment to gather himself, he continued.

"Our task will begin after that, until then, enjoy your life on Eden I and keep this thought in mind. If this accident had not happened, Pandora would have never been in a position to help your children and me, and neither one of you would have discovered the love you've felt for each other since your first meeting. You may have lived out your incredibly long lives in silent yearning, which neither of you felt the other deserved, or would return.

"Don't fear for Earth, nature will hold her until the forces of the universe are strong enough to protect her, learn everything you can in System Two. Some of the answers we seek to protect Earth are there. Trust Pandora's instincts, you know your family is safe here; find the problem in System Two before we seed system eight. Pax will need your help there, also."

"Job, how can you know the future?" Atlas asked, still amazed at his transformation and knowledge.

"In this task, we all do, my friend. Nature has selected us to achieve the reunification of the tribes of Eden," he replied. "But it must be done without conflict. Earth's needs are secondary to our task, though we will work both tasks simultaneously as needed. This team of scientists will complete the seeding operation and Earth will play its role in the future of the universe. We must always remember; each one of us has a different task, no one knows everything, yet together, we do. We must have faith, my friend, faith."

"You sound like Pax, Job," Atlas said, chuckling.

"Well thank you, my friend." Job accepted Atlas' remark as a compliment. "If I can be half as wise, I'll be honored to resemble him in some small way. Now, I see your wife coming toward us. I'll leave you two alone. You must have a future to plan together."

"Job, please don't leave. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say," Atlas begged not sure how to act.

"Speak from your heart, Atlas. She'll understand."

"Job, I'm afraid."

"Of that tiny girl?" Job said, surprised that the most powerful man he'd ever known would be afraid of anything.

"No, of what I'll say," Atlas stammered, almost whispering as Pandora approached.

"Say, hello my love. That should start the conversation, and then just let your heart guide you, Atlas." Job greeted Pandora as he walked toward the children.

"Hello, Job, how are you. You don't have to leave. Stay with us for a moment." She turned to Atlas, kissed him on the right cheek and said, "Hello, my love." Job left smiling.

Atlas stood looking at her and said, "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I don't know what I've done to deserve this reward."

Pandora smiled and said, "Everything you've done, Atlas, everything you've done, my love."

They walked quietly along the forest for a while and held hands, their thoughts intertwined as their fingers.

Atlas felt an awesome strength emanating from Pandora. As if, she understood the secrets of nature. Yet, she was totally at peace with herself and with nature. He felt small next to her.

"Have you thought of names for the children? We can't continue to call them children all their lives."

"I don't guess we can, but that honor is reserved for the father." Pandora laughed.

"I don't know how to be a father, or a husband for that matter, Pandora. This is a new experience for me."

"Yes, my love." She giggled. "And I've had several children already, haven't I?"

"You have?" Atlas said missing the light sarcasm in her voice.

She laughed. "I love you, Atlas. These are our first children, but there'll be many more."

"There will be?" he said, surprised.

"Yes, my love, but we need to think of names or they'll all come when we say, children, come here." Pandora said, still humorously mocking him.

"Diana would be a pretty name for a girl, don't you think Pandora?" he half-stammered sheepishly.

"So it is then, we will call the girl Diana and we'll just call the boy . . . boy?" she giggled having more fun at his expense.

Realizing that he was being played, he stopped and said, "No. What would you like to call the boy, Pandora? Don't toy with me, please help me."

"This is an honor reserved for the father, Atlas." Pandora reinforced her conviction with her face.

"Well, I'm sharing the honor with my wife. Is that allowed?" Atlas asked becoming irritated at her.

"Yes, you may call me your wife until the end of time, my love." Pandora giggled.

"You know that's not what I mean, Pandora. Why isn't it allowed that the mother name the children?"

"I don't know, Atlas. Tradition? Custom?"

"Fine," Atlas said. "Then, let's break tradition. Help me with a boy's name, please."

Yielding to Atlas' desperation, she chuckled. "I've always thought Paris would be a good name for a boy. What do you think?"

"Paris and Diana it is then. It's settled."

"As you say, my love, you've named our children."

"No," Atlas complained. "We've named our children, Pandora. And in the future, you shall have the honor of naming all our children. I want your help in every choice and decision I make. I believe that is the reason we've been joined, to protect me from myself."

"If anyone needs protection in this great big universe, it's me, my love, but it shall be as you wish, we'll make choices together."

"Atlas, Pandora- I need you!"

Sensing danger, Pandora took Atlas by the hand and folded to Job's location. Atlas, amazed by this action smiled and said. "I'm beginning to enjoy traveling under someone else's energy."

They found Job distressed; he couldn't find the children.

"They're over there, on that island. Can't you feel them?" Pandora said pointing toward the ocean.

"Feel them?" Job asked puzzled.

"Yes, Job. We're all connected through nature. All you have to do is keep them centered in your mind and you will always know where they are, it is simple. We are all one in nature. Our problem is in allowing someone privacy since all we have to do is center on someone's mind to be with them," she explained.

"That is how I found you the first time you disappeared. You brought me to you, although, you were quite excited," Atlas added.

Seeing the confusion in Job's eyes, Pandora continued, "It will become easier as you mature into all your abilities. The most important thing to remember is that, there is nothing that can harm you as long as you stay centered in nature. You need to learn to remain calm, and concentrate on the task. If you are looking for the children, simply center your thoughts on them and you will find them."

Atlas interjected trying to make things clear in Job's mind. "I'm three rotations into my life and I've just recently discovered I'm a telepath, because I didn't concentrate on those thoughts, as Pax pointed out to me shortly before we met you, my friend. Some of us still can't communicate by telepathy and it is not because we can't, but because we won't try."

Pandora continued by giving Job some much needed advice, "Use this centering period to hone your abilities, Job. We have some long journeys ahead. This should be an interesting rotation and we are going to need your help when we arrive in Beta II." She paused as she sensed distress in the System Two labs. "Speaking of twos, I'm needed in System Two, my love."

"So soon?" Atlas complained.

"Atlas, we've been here over seven seconds!"

Not wanting to be apart from her he said, "I'll come with you, I might as well become familiar with mad scientist work. It seems to run in my family, my sister, my childhood friends and now my wife. Who is next? Me." He chuckled.

"You and Job will get plenty of travel time in a few degrees," Pandora said. "I have a feeling Paris and Diana will be accompanying you on some of these excursions."

"Paris and Diana," Job said hearing new names.

"I'm sorry, Job; those are the children's names. Paris is the boy, and we've named the girl Diana," Pandora said, as she looked at Atlas with a certain amount of urgency in her voice

"Do they know this, Pandora?" Job asked.

"You have a lot to learn, Job. Enjoy your stay, learn to use your abilities; we will look forward to your return. We'll be here often enough to play with our children. We wouldn't want you to have all the fun." She folded into System Two's lab to find Pax, Minerva and Adam studying Earth's system from that perspective.

Minerva smiled, sensing the joy in her brother. "Is there something you want to report, Atlas?"

As Pax turned toward them, he saw the aura around Atlas begin to glow and said, "Minerva, it's going to be difficult for them to keep it a secret for long."

They laughed as Atlas tried to change the subject by looking in the telescope. "What are looking for?" he asked, nonchalantly. "If you must know, we've named the children Paris and Diana, and Job is doing very well. You must go see him."