R. E. Kelly has either lived in or worked in the blue-colored states. He traveled through the orange states but has yet to visit the grey.


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R. E. Kelly was born and raised in Mexico until the tender age of 15 when his family emigrated to the southern US. A Road Scholar, he attended the infamous School of Hard Knocks where his life's philosophy developed.

Tales flow from his overactive mind and he often speculates that it was a result of three decades of a solitary working environment in the communications infrastructure field.

Writing was something that always came naturally throughout his life, and, until recently, had been a private haven. Friends often asked him about what he wrote and unrelentingly pressed him about when his stories would be published. With the encouragement of those same friends and family, near the end of his sixth decade, he began his first serious adventure into the world of writing for publication.

Throughout his adult life, he has resided in the West, South, and East of the continental US. He is currently giving the North a go. In his rare spare time, he amused himself by "terrorizing" the ten children of his various households: six fine young men and four of the prettiest ladies that have graced this earth. All but the youngest two have turned out either pretty darn good or show excellent promise. The remaining pair are still in training.