The Second Age of Man

To Save a Planet

  • The epic story of the end...and beginning...of civilization.

Broken Promises

  • The trek across the galaxy for a new home continues despite old politics and new betrayals.

The World According to Luke

Book I: My Life in Knots

  • Fifteen years after the end of modern civilization, twelve-year-old Luke and his grandfather, Michael, meet new people and unexpectedly expand their small, isolated community.

Book II: The Age of Reason

  • The now thirteen-year-old Luke continues his personal growth both as a young man and as a future leader of his expanding and diversifying community.

Book III: Days of Future Past

  • Fourteen-year-old Luke's experience and community expands as he explores further from home and learns about what happened to his extended before the Collapse.

Short Works


  • Biographies, Commentaries, and Essays


  • Short Stories, both humorous and serious


  • Serious and light-hearted pieces

Anthologies & Collections

  • Related pieces brought together in a variety of collections.