To Save a Planet

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An excerpt from
Birth of the Savior

"Report to sick bay with your people, Commander," she said, as she wiped blood from her brother’s face. She turned and shot Joshua and Jordan with her stun-gun. Joshua turned and laughed at her. In the mean time, Jacob had leapt the span in two steps and pounced on Joshua. Juno increased the strength of the gun and shot Jordan again. Jordan landed face down on the snow as Jacob punched Joshua, "What have you done? You maniac!"

"My job, Jacob!" Joshua screamed waving his hands, as he tried to protect his face from Jacob’s onslaught.

"Your job," Jacob said, as he grabbed Joshua by the collar and stood him up, "Is not to kill, but simply study these creatures," he said, as he delivered a blow to Joshua’s stomach folding him over. "What’s wrong with you, Joshua? Look what you’ve done!"

"How am I to get samples?" Joshua replied, trying to catch his breath. "Botanists cut up fruit and plants; it’s no different, Jacob, just a little messier."

Little One stood in the background and watched the scuffle in tears, without saying a word. He approached his friend and tried to put the pieces back together. Suddenly, Jacob was unable to move.

Juno stood frozen looking at Little One. "I am so sorry …!" she said. “I had no idea this was going on. It is not our custom to maim and kill, Little One. Please believe me."