To Save a Planet

An excerpt from

“Tribunes and Senators, as we first reported during our last meeting Eden’s sun is dying. Nothing we can do could prevent it. It has been over twenty-one hundred years since creation and nature waits for no one. We are faced with total and absolute extinction.”

“That is quite fatalistic, Doctor Esther, can you explain the ramifications if we stay on the planet.”

“Tribune, we can't stay on the planet. In about ten to fifteen years the sun will nova and wipe out all life on the planet. Our second problem is that we do not have the technology to transport the entire population away from the planet.”

“So, God’s creation will end after twenty-one hundred and fifty years?” Voices clamored throughout the senate chamber.

“No, Tribunes, Senators, creation will continue, it is only mankind that will end with this planet’s demise. The universe will continue; Eden will be uninhabitable as its atmosphere is burned out in the ensuing explosion.”

“So, what are we to do, doctors?” The prime tribune paced the area in front of the tables where the doctors sat.