To Save a Planet

An excerpt from
Mountain Building

"I assume this is interesting, Esther?" Juno said.

"Captain, reading about it is interesting, this is exhilarating. The power of nature right in front of us, Sir."

"Are we safe here, Esther?"

"For a while, Sir, I am sure this will go on for several weeks. We’re trying to determine a timetable as we speak, Sir."

"You’re not disturbing Little One, are you?"

"I don’t think he even knows we’re here, Captain."

"He has to, Esther; you’re right in his line of sight."

"I know, Juno, but he is busy, and his people continue to make those fissures. I assume all the way around the mountain. How he can see what they’re doing on the back side of it, I don’t know, but he hasn’t moved since we arrived!"

"Have you talked with him, Esther?"

"Tried to, Captain, but he’s more involved than I am. He hardly acknowledged me with a stern look and a smile without ever stopping his hand gestures."

"We’re just about ready to drill for a deep sample. I hope we get what I think we’re going to get. This is amazing, Captain. Remember what I said about a similar volcano erupting diametrically opposed to the other one? I think this is it, Sir," she said, excited as Juno nodded.