To Save a Planet

An excerpt from

"Thíketch poolís close enough to keep us in waterín mebe even a fishír two. Camp fahrs, ifín enyone wuz inclined ta build a fahrín roast some mana bread, Sirs, would be far enuff from the forest and visible from onlyís one direction. Ifín Iís capín, thetís whar Iíd putíer down Ö, but I ainít, so yíall deecide, Iíll putíer down whar yíant me to."

"Heís right, Captain, I was thinking about the view more than anything. He makes a lot of sense."

"I agree, J."

"Jared. What about you?

"That site was my first choice, Captain. I agree completely."

"Ten-Q, Commanders, Capín. Commander JezabelÖ, dint mean tístep on yer toeses, Sir."

"Thatís why we have these meetings, Jacob, no offense taken. Youíre only thinking of our safety; that is imperative in these expeditions."

"Can you put the ship in there, Jacob? It looks awfully tight."

"Yesím, itíd be a breeze, Capín!"

"Well, whutícha waitin fer, Jacob, land this baby!"