Kadythe's Arts

The Evolution of an Online Presence

Kadythe's Arts

Kadythe's Arts is the home of an ecclectic collection of products and services. By ecclectic, we mean whatever catches our fancy. Our publishing division assists authors to prepare their manuscripts for publication and through the steps of self-publishing. Our philately division offers a wide variety of quality stamps for sale through auctions and direct sales. Our media division offers digital conversion from VHS and 8mm video and audio cassettes to digital formats for reasonable prices.

You might say: That is what you do, but who are you? Who is Kadythe? Well, then, let me take you back to the beginning....

Under another name, the site began as a virtual bulletin board hosted on a variety of free hosting sites all of which no longer exist. In the late 1990s, the then-current hosting company did away with the free hosting which led me to my first hosting package and domain name purchases. I wanted something unique but not limiting. I agonized over the name then eventually came up with Kadythe. I intended to sell my crafts online, but time never allowed it to be fully realized. Jobs, kids and life in general can—and will—do that to a person.

Kadythe Publishing

After several life upheavals, Kadythe's Arts breathed new life as host to my and my husband's first business venture together (other than marriage): publishing assistance. I assisted my husband to bring his second book to life by editing, proofing, and formatting for both print and e-book. A bad experience involving a paid publishing service and his debut book (before I knew him or he'd have not needed the service) discouraged him from using another one for his second. Fortunately, I was more than capable of providing that valuable service for him, so we processed it in-house, literally. He is not only one of our specialty editors, but was also our first official client.

The Philatelist

An avid philatelist—or stamp collector—for years, my husband heads the newest division to the Kadythe's Arts famly. He takes great care to put together quality packages with honest descriptions of the contents. If philately is your thing, check out his ever-changing inventory regularly.

The Shoppe

Our Shoppe is an eclectic collection of products that will thrill the bibliophile, philatelist, or those who enjoy any number of crafty and just plain nifty things.